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10 Beautiful Buys on Amazon

So at least once a year, I channel my influencer vibe (I am obsessed with some good ones on YouTube), and I pick out a few things I've bought and rebought recently on Amazon, and think you should know about (as if you care). I could have easily bored you with about 30 things, but I managed to condense my random, but handy, list down to 10 : (Click product names or images for links.) 1) First up are these aesthetically pleasing, yet functional set of Ceramic Match Holders. It's a set of two, and if you're old school like me and also in to lighting candles a lot, then you'll love this upgrade from your typical matchbox. The stripes down the front also aren't just for the 'lewk', they're strike-able. 10/10 for me.

2) I do my ̶i̶n̶c̶o̶n̶s̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶t̶ workouts at home, so I invested in my own manageable Dumbbells. Good quality, a great add to stretches and cardio movements. And even if you don't use them, they at least look nice on the rack they come with. LMAO!

3) This Portable Power Station has been a good investment, because SKELEC... We'll leave it at that. 😒 Don't forget to clip the $20 Off coupon usually available.

4) Another good tech/power buy. This one provides some additional charging ports in your vehicle. 10/10 for this Car Power Inverter & Adapter.

5) Skincare items are getting good via Amazon, so you can ditch your expensive Sephora buys. I describe my skin as combo 'problem skin' - dry in some areas, and oily in others. I break out easily. Vitamin C serums help a lot. I used to rave about one from TruSkin but ever since the Goodal Tangerine Serum made its debut, I confess it's so much better! You can thank me for your glow later.

6) I bought this Foot Massager twice. A family member used my first one once, fell in love, and took it. Never saw it again. 😅 Considering it's hard for a person with an on-your-feet-a-lot job like mine to go without it, Mr. Besos got my coins yet again. Highly rated for use after very long days. Sings "Single Ladies" by Beyoncé now for no reason at all...

7) I'm also back with my tried and true Weighted Blanket. A friend bought this for me a couple years ago, and it's never failed me, especially when the place gets chilly this time of year. This is perfect for settling the restless sleeper, like me. It also provides relief for sore leg, neck and back muscles ( #dancelife ). I swear, my sleep is deeper and my dreams are sweeter when I cover with this.

8) This is pretty random, but storage queens (and kings) will understand. This Stackable Storage Set with Scoop is great for storing dog food. I buy in bulk, so I dump the jumbo bags over into the bottom half, and store treats on the top. I'm thinking to buy another for my powder detergent (bottom) and scent beads (top). What do you think?

9) Nespresso Vertuo Machine – Because I still say F%$& your Keurig! Ha! Fight me.

PS - Buy your pods directly on the Nespresso site. They always have great deals.

10) Don't act like you didn't know a mug make it on the list. I highly rate the Porter Mugs - sleek, high quality, no spill, easy to clean. They come in a variety of chic colors. You can invest in the black I have below and be boring like me. 🥸🥴

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