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10 THINGS YOU NEED TO BUY OFF AMAZON (Before Duty-Free Concessions Run Out!!!)

Here's a list of ten items you didn't know you needed and will feed your Amazon addiction. Sincerely, these are some top buys (things I will definitely buy again if they ever break or spoil) in no particular order. Links provided.

1) Philips One Rechargeable ToothBrush – I actually came across this on Oprah’s Christmas List for 2021 and was surprised it was so affordable for how people rave about it. I’m happy I fell into the hype. Not only is it pretty chic, but it does the job for those of us who prefer manual brushing, but want the extra polish, clean and luxe feel that an electric toothbrush gives. I love that it comes with a sturdy travel case too.

2) Cable Management Set – Well somebody could have told me these existed. I have a problem seeing multiple cords flowing from their devices to the socket. Eek! These boxes match my all-black-everything (boring) aesthetic and fulfill all my neat freak dreams. Out of sight, out of mind! Love, love, love!

3) Shapewear Shorts – An affordable alternative to Spanx or Skims. Stay snatched underneath that bodycon dress ladies! It's totally seamless, starts just below the bust, conveniently sucks in your midsection, and stops just above the knees. Provides tummy, back and thigh control and smooths. Doesn't roll up or down either. What muffin top???!!!

4) TGIN Hair Moisturizer – Only the best hydrator on the market for natural (curly-kinky) hair… Thank me later.

5) Nespresso MachineF%$& your Keurig! Ha! I stand by this one. Fight me.

See here for links to my favourite pods & a pod carousel:

6) Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug – Yes, something you didn’t know you needed. This annual Amazon Best Seller (it’s almost always sold out) reveals the true, die-hard coffee stans! I find it useful and buy-worthy because it keeps my coffee (or any hot drink for that matter) hot while I work all day at my desk or I’m on the go. It’s a splurge, yes. But at this age, I truly do not mind paying more for convenience, ease and luxury. Oh, and having things exactly the way I want them, with the ability to control the exact temperature of my drink from my phone, is a major key.

7) Weighted Blanket – There was a time in my life when I felt that the less sleep I had, the more productive I was. Like if I was on the grind morning, noon and night, I was the sh*t. Long gone are those days. I take pride now in fully dedicated, long sleep time and therefore my bed is set up for ultimate comfort. But if you’re a naturally restless sleeper like me, a weighted blanket keeps you still and serene. Also if you’re on your feet a lot (I’m a dancer so this is an understatement), having a weighted blanket is extremely soothing on the legs applying mild, comfortable pressure like a massage, and that even extends to places like your neck and back. Tense where?

8) Pregnancy Pillow – This follows up on #7 with my quality sleep commitment. And no, you don't have to be expecting to invest in this one. I got my first one when I was pregnant with Zendi back in 2014 and believe me, it was tough to part with it postpartum, after getting used to its sheer surrounding comfort. I recently ordered a new one (thanks to @kah.nein for reminding me I needed one) and I'm going to live my best single lady life in bed. Haha!

9) Foot Massager – I also mentioned tired feet in #7 so there’s this. Extra, yes. Orgasmic, also yes! That’s all I have to say about that.

10) Powerstation with Built-In Cables – This long-lasting, heavy duty powerbank is not only good to look at and easy to carry around in a purse or bag, but I particularly rate it for the concealed cord. It tucks away in a little recess slot on the side so there’s no bulk ever. And the charging cable has a switchable tip compatible with Apple or Android devices (but I know none of my friends are Android users… fight me again).

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