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LEAP Nevis Recital, 2022 - TORY JUMP OUT!

Took me a while to pen this. Between being totally exhausted from staging two major recitals on two different islands back to back, and just being overwhelmed (in the best way) by everyone's love and support... it took me a few days to recuperate and gather my thoughts, but let me say this:

LEAP Nevis, we did it!!! 🌟

Our highly anticipated return to the big stage, after a two-year hiatus, with our second annual #LEAPNevis grand recital has been, on all fronts, a tremendous success! I am still bowled over by the rave reviews pouring in, in huge numbers, from all directions, following the show. They aren't just for me. LEAP is more than just me. It's more for the growing family of brave, young artists that gather together willingly, weekly to make magic happen.

Dancers, big and small, you have been absolutely OUTSTANDING! The fruits of your hard work, dedication, discipline, beautiful personalities, teamwork, and great ambition, shined bright on stage for hundreds to see, live and in living colour! I could not be more proud. Congrats to you all on a job more than well done, and I sincerely look forward to more great accomplishments from you all in the near and far future.

LEAP Nevis is still very young, established only in September, 2018. We staged our first recital in 2019 (also a great success), but then our growth and progress were stumped by the pandemic. What a bounce-back with ‘TORY JUMP OUT’! From the show selling out in advance, to our dancers delivering exceptionally well on quite challenging choreography… From loud cheers in the audience throughout, to amazing collaborations with partners and guest performers out of #LEAPStKitts… From super-fun and productive rehearsals, to incredible harmony backstage under immense pressure… All I can say is we are truly blessed and gifted at LEAP to be able to have under our wings, some exceptionally talented, spirited and team-oriented humans.

Thank you LEAP Nevis Members for your profound commitment, loyalty, energy, advancement and work. You are growing beautifully and now everyone can see and appreciate it, beyond our studio walls. I truly hope you have been inspired, have risen to another level of self-confidence, feel adored, celebrated and respected, and know how truly beautiful and gifted you all are.

Trust me, putting this show together was no easy feat and it couldn’t be done without collaborating with wonderful people and companies who pooled together to make this memorable showcase possible:

Islander Watersports, The St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank, Ram’s, The Windsong Foundation, Mapau, Essential Pharmacy, Shawna Lake & Associates, The Hanley Family, Kenisha Rameshwar (my right hand!) & Shenell Farrell.

LEAP Rollers, Bouncers, Rompers, Trotters, Benders & Movers - the whole of the LEAP Nevis Family - thank you for being the stars you are and for trusting me to help nurture your God-given talents. I wish you many more successful years on and off stage!

LEAP Jumpers, LEAP Aces, LEAP TikTokers, Vice Versa Love Team - our guest artistes out of LEAP St. Kitts - thank you for journeying across the water to share your great energy, support and talent with LEAP Nevis and its audience. You have been such good team players and you performed marvelously, as per usual. Special thanks also to LEAP Tutors for their continued noble leadership.

To this year’s soloist - Khayla Claxton - thank you for being such a dream to work with. You are amazing, and your solo turned out even better than imagined. I see great things happening for you! Congrats.

To all our Members' Parents, Guardians and Spouses - thanks for bearing with us over the past weeks with all our notices, updates, requests and high expectations. Nothing we have achieved would be possible without you being the pillars of behind-the-scenes support that you are, and that our performers need to excel. We appreciate you.

I promise more great things to come from LEAP Nevis. All the people involved make this promise easy to fulfill.

Kudos to LEAP Nevis for a delivering on a major milestone of a recital!

Much love, light (and laughter),


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