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LEAP St. Kitts Recital, 2022 - SELL FISH!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

❣️ What an outstanding display of love, support, togetherness, expressiveness, talent, personality, energy, upliftment, creativity, grace and skill on stage for hundreds this past weekend, as LEAP proudly presented SELL FISH, its 11th annual grand production at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort Ballroom. What an incredible turnout and showcase on all fronts!

Family, friends, fans… I am truly grateful for the fullness of this experience, especially after being denied the opportunity for my youngsters to perform for over two years! LEAP is now back with a big, beautiful bang as expected, and we are all thrilled that our movements and messages were so exceptionally well embraced!

💃🏽 We dressed up and decorated. We danced our hearts out! We performed like there’s no tomorrow! We told a story! We bended and backflipped! We paraded and protested! Everything flowed like clockwork. LEAP had some major statements to make that night and they were all well packaged, well delivered, and well received.

I am abundantly blessed to call LEAP my baby, but my journey through the power of the arts is not just my own. It belongs to our extremely talented tutors - Kenisha, Jemma, Lataunya, Quiandra, Znessa, Cajoy, Kerrise, Angel & Iniyah. It belongs to the 200+ passionate performers that train diligently every week for months to push to the point of performance readiness. It belongs to their parents, guardians, spouses and well-wishers. It belongs to the audience who came out in a massive way to cheer them on. It belongs to our sponsors and partners, who chip in, in major ways, to see our over-the-top plans all come to fruition.

I am thankful. I am touched. I am overjoyed. I am MOST HYPE! (Rah-tah-tah-tah-tah-hay! … LEAP Jumpers will know what I just said.)

Heartfelt appreciation to all, but more specifically: Ram’s Supermarket, The St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank, Mapau, Essential Pharmacy, Pro Video Production, The Law Offices of Shawna Lake, The St. Kitts Marriott Resort, S&L Stage Lighting, Impel Marketing, Event Management & Logistics, Jay Black Production, Shadan Production, Modern Elegance Photography, The Hanley Family, Rosemary Isles, Shinelle Douglas, Shenelle Farrell, all Backstage and Back of House Assistants, Kerrise Hanley (Sissy!) and Kenisha Rameshwar (my right hand [wo]man).

👏🏽 Congrats to each of our #LEAPStKitts Teams and their Teachers on a job more than well done - Toddlers, Skippers, Hoppers, Springers, Jumpers, Tappers, Swaggers, TikTokers, Flippers, Doodlers & Aces! I would also like to thank this year’s soloist and poster girl, the incredible force to be reckoned with, Calixthe Hodge, who brought the house down each time she graced the stage, with a total of 9 dances performed in one night! And to all my Vice Versa Love dancers who so graciously took on the (daring) choreography of a very bold and powerful performance with a strong and timely political message - perhaps the crowd favorite of the show - Maleah, Takoya, Gabrielle, Alezea, Shevonte, Jahnaya, Jemma, Kenisha, Znessa, Angel, Cajoy, Iniyah, Zakariyah, Quiandra, Daneika, Lataunya & Yashica. Thanks for bearing with me and bringing my vision to life, even better than I had imagined it.

❤️ “When you’re here, you’re FAMILY” - A quote that hangs proudly above our Studio door at LEAP. We mean it. We see it. We feel it.

LEAP is more than just a place for ‘dance class’. It’s a second home and safe haven for so many children and adults - a truly unique space where they can truly be themselves, feel welcome and confident, bloom, be positive, and connect in meaningful ways with others, beyond any differences and disagreements. The stage is an extension of this experience and we are most proud to have done justice to what we stand for at LEAP at this year’s recital. LEAP Nevis, you’re up next! GO LEAP! ❤️

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